Update in
February, 2017
  • Collector Company logo can now be added to the dashboard of the sender’s mobile app
  • Improved ‘Status’ filtering in Document Requests Dashboard
  • Touch ID Authentication has been activated for ezidox mobile app
  • Document Request:
    • Users can now add notes to their Document Requests with multiple levels of visibility (Admin, Internal Only and Public)
    • New Document Request Details & Document Viewer pages have been given an uplift in both utility and design
    • Collectors can now re-allocate Document Requests to another collector in their company

Update in
January, 2017
  • Email templates are now fully customisable
  • Document Request workflow is now fully customisable
  • Collectors can now assign roles to invited users – Admin, Collector and Assistant
Update in
November 28, 2016
  • Collector can now upload new documents for the sender when creating a document request
  • Collector can define default documents to be sent with a document request


  • Bankstatements.com.au now available also for Mobile Apps
  • Collector can choose for every sender the level of visibility of the list of documents
  • Collector can lodge and re-open previously lodged/completed document requests


  • Collector admin can now select on what custom documents the TFN removal shall be applied
  • Collector/Sender can mark all activities in the feed as read
  • Product updates now visible from the collector profile menu
Update in
October 22, 2016
October 22, 2016
  • Create/Edit document request, Create/Edit Template prompts for user action so that they do not lose data while navigating between screens
  • Collectors can now disable the weekly request summary notifications
  • Anonymous senders can now register directly from the anonymous screen
  • Minor Fixes and improvements
Update in
October 14, 2016
October 14, 2016
  • New create document request screen
  • New link provided to disable notifications from email reminders
  • Minor Fixes and improvements