• Add custom Group/Document during the Create/Edit Request

    More flexibility for your requests! You can now customise your templates on the go, and add documents or groups directly from the Document Request screen.

  • Increase size of chat text area

    More space to type your chat comments, and the ability to customer whether you want to press Enter to Send or click on the Send button

  • 2FA to individual Customers and Collectors that want to Opt-In

    Customers and Collectors can keep their access safer by opting in for 2FA. Once activated, an SMS sent to their mobile device will be used as additional proof of their identity.

  • Customer on-boarding and help material
    1. It’s always difficult to get used to work on a new platform. ezidox wants to make this transition seamless, and wants to ensure that you have the best experience.
    2. We have developed an onboarding flow, that will guide you through all the steps necessary to get your system customised to your requirements
      • Customise your Company
      • Create your first Document
      • Create your first Attachment
      • Create your first Template
      • Create your first Document Request
    3. Help Videos will support you in every steps, guiding you through the simple process required to get you going!