ezidox™ is incredibly fortunate to have so many raving fans that have supported us since our launch in 2018. We have had the opportunity to see companies adopt ezidox™ into their everyday work lives and flourish into a happier, healthier, more efficient and simplified working environment. These companies are now able to collect and collate information up to 75% faster, allowing their valuable time to be focused on more important tasks like running and growing their business.

At ezidox™ we are dedicated to providing an impactful platform which allows users to create a streamlined workflow.

Here are some
of our raving fans

Angus Sedgwick

“One of the stumbling blocks in our industry is the obtaining of the financial documentation that we require to assess a client as to whether we want to transact with them or not. We’ve progressed from taking a month to obtain all the documentation to getting the documents in just a few days.

The feedback from customers is that it was a very easy process to use, and they love the streamlined platform. Our experience with ezidox™ has been outstanding. ezidox™. I’m giving them a 5 out of 5 for their integration and the ongoing software that is delivered to us”

Nick Wormald

“What attracted us to ezidox™ was the way the systems built has surpassed all the other forms of document collection currently on the market. There isn’t anything out there that does the same thing as ezidox™. Nothing compares.

It’s improved the flow of our business 10-fold and reduced the time frame typically applied to gathering and archiving documentation, by 90%.

Siobhan Hayden

A number of brokers I had the opportunity to meet and work with in the time I was in the industry often do every part of the process themselves. We all know if you value your hourly rate, your time is better spent dealing with customers.

ezidox™ is one of those solutions that allows you to work with your customer in a collaborative fashion to collect and collate your information in support of the loan for the lender”

Steve Weston

“I don’t need a middle office team, I can go straight to my assessor and make the decision very quick, the broker then is not being asked to go and chase the customer up again for more information and of course the most important stakeholder in the whole transaction, the customer, will get a better experience and will be happier as a result.

ezidox™ is the only business I’ve seen that really has a true end to end customer intermediary through to the end product manufacturer solution”

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