ezidox™ is accredited, by the Australian Competition Consumer Commission (ACCC), for receiving digital information governed by the Consumer Data Right.

ezidox™ automates the document collection and management process from Customer to Business to Others. Because your customers enter their own data, very little data entry is required by you or your staff. Customer meetings are minimised or eliminated. This is a massive time saver and delights customers.


ezidox™ is SOC2 compliant, ensuring that the information you collect is handled in a secure and auditable manner. It makes compliance audits much easier since your customers’ information is time and date stamped when they send it to you and it is stored for easy retrieval.

Customer friendly

Anticipating customer queries and answering them promptly via the ezidox™ instant messaging feature goes a long way to optimise the customer experience. With instant and secure access to your customers’ information, you can avoid repetitive requests and delight customers with exceptional service. Making it easy for customers to work with you will not only result in repeat business, but also earn referrals from them.


Customers can upload documents and provide information to ezidox™ directly so that everything is automatically named, filed and indexed according to what it is and to whom it relates (e.g. “ID – Geoff Smith Passport.PDF” instead of “30092015160456-001.PDF). These are collated into a Zip file ready for use internally or lodgement with another party.


ezidox™ is extremely simple to use. A rudimentary knowledge of computer operation is all that is required. Although for those that need it, we provide training and webinar support.


ezidox™ integrates with various platforms that assist in the collection of the information required or the actions that customers must take. This may include the direct collection and analysis of a customer’s banking data, e-signature of documents and use of popular web forms to collect information. No double keying is required. You simply validate the data in accordance with your requirements once it is delivered into ezidox™. Everything is accessible in one platform via many platforms.


We take our responsibility for data security very seriously. ezidox™ has several layers of security to protect information, including top level SSL certificate, IP blocking, data encryption, multi-factor authentication and others. These are continually monitored to ensure system integrity. All collected documents are encrypted and sent via a secure portal and never by email. This minimizes the risk of identity theft and accelerates the time taken to access the documents without having to open emails.


integrations with existing internal systems are seamless via the ezidox™ API’s so you don’t have to make any changes to your internal systems and processes once you have collected everything you need. ezidox™ works as an extension of your current systems, so you can easily prepare documents in the format your internal systems use.