Futureproof for Open Banking

ezidox™ automates the collection, curation and verification of documents and information. Automatically extracting data from documents and information submissions, and curating it into business process automation flows and information lifecycle progressions.

CDR accredited, ezidox™ empowers businesses to process CDR data in much the same way that it enables businesses to process and manage any documents that contain some of this information. Thereby enabling Open Banking and CDR compliant information exchanges for businesses and consumers alike. Through simple API and SDK integrations.

Open Banking with ezidox™

ezidox™ holds an unrestricted level of CDR accreditation, [ADRBNK000037], as an Accredited Data Recipient. This enables ezidox™ powered organisations to accelerate their ability to process CDR compliant data on behalf of consumers and other banking institutions (subject to required accreditation).

As an Accredited Data Recipient (ADR), ezidox™ offers solutions that define the type of data, purpose and duration for which the consumer will consent access. Upon consumer consent, ezidox™ interacts with Data Holders (DHs) to initiate access to consumer data. The DH validates ezidox™ before continuing to authenticate the consumer and confirms that the consumer has provided explicit consent. Once confirmed, the DH shares the approved data with the recipient to be used for the agreed purpose. Both DH and ezidox™ will provide customers with convenient access to revoke any authorised access at any time. This will include providing the consumer choice as to whether any data captured is retained or deleted.

It’s complicated. ezidox™ makes it simple for any financial service and its prospects.

And very secure. Thereby protecting each and every Consumer data Right.