Zapier now connects ezidox with many other products for even faster transactions!

In the course of your day-to-day life, think about how often you get asked for documents from organizations that you want to (or have to) deal with – banks, insurers, government, employers, etc. It is often the same information about your identity, your background, your financial situation and so on, but one thing has been very consistent over the years – it is YOUR problem to find everything and get it to the organizations before you can get what you want/need from them. The result is that by leaving it to their customers to decide what to send, when to send it and how to send it the organizations create a rod for their own back as they then have to spend enormous amounts of time and energy fixing all the problems and chasing any missing documents.

So that was the impetus for ezidox™ – a platform to provide a better way for organizations to collect documents and an easier way for customers to deliver them so that transactions could take place faster.

Most organizations use a range of other tools to help them transact with customers and so they rely on complex tech ecosystems to help move data across multiple systems and tiers. For example, you might have to retrieve a document from your Gmail account, send it to someone who then passes it across various departments within the organizations and finally uploads it into the primary CRM. Connecting all these products and platforms to provide a seamless experience can be complex. Today, we are delighted to announce Zapier as the latest addition to the rapidly expanding ezidox™ ecosystem of connected products. Zapier brings powerful integration capabilities to the ezidox™ platform, which means we’re making document collection much more convenient and empowering our users to spend time doing what they do best- nurturing the business they love rather than spending time on tedious administration.

Zapier is one of the most successful and widely adopted integration platforms, and its intuitive interface allows ezidox™ customers to integrate across multiple platforms with just a few easy clicks. The addition of Zapier to the ezidox™ ecosystem will make life easier by letting organizations easily move data between various products and platforms without needing the help of an expert.

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