Why more brokers are using ezidox™?

Hint: because it’s ‘ezi’!

There are a lot of time-saving apps out there, but not many that are created with a specific industry in mind.

That is what is exciting about ezidox ™. This useful app was created for brokers to solve a huge problem that the entire industry faces – the collection and secure storage of client documents. It has the added benefit of improving customer experience and helping them to secure loans faster than ever.

In the past, gathering loan application documents including driver’s licences, mortgage statements, employment history and more has been a tedious process. Clients either turn up with a box of loose papers or email information across in dribs and drabs. This is time consuming, tedious and it lowers the value of a broker’s hourly rate. What’s more, the risk of documents getting lost or being stored insecurely puts your customer’s privacy and your reputation at risk.

There has never been a clear solution to the collection and storage of information by brokers…until now.

Thanks to the disruptive technology of ezidox ™, the processes of collecting and storing documents has finally been simplified and secured.

This straightforward online and cellphone app is an interactive process that allows the broker / collector of documents to specify exactly what’s required for any transaction. By using ezidox ™, the customer is informed exactly what they have to provide. The entire process is tracked so they know exactly where they’re up to. If any documents are missing or have been rejected, the customer will be notified instantly and can provide replacement documents.

The faster this document sharing process occurs, the faster the loan is approved. The customer gets the loan approval, the broker secures the loan, the lender gets the business – everybody wins.

What’s more, you can brand the award winning ezidox ™ platform as your own. The customer won’t be confused by having to use a third-party provider.

Here’s what industry professionals have to say about ezidox™ :

“The more technology that can make it easy for us to more efficiently obtain that documentation – the better. Ezidox™ allows the client to log in throughout website and upload the specific documents that we require. Feedback from customers was that it was easy to use and streamlined

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Users also clarify that the reason they use ezidox™ is that there’s nothing out there that does the same thing anywhere near as well. This ground breaking service improves business flow and reduces the need for time consuming back-and-forth between broker and customer. Brokers who use ezidox ™ all state that it has reduced the amount of time it takes to gather documents, in some cases from over a month down to a matter of days.

Ex CEO of the Mortgage Finance Association of Australia Siobhan Hayden says that it is reasonable to say that 50% of a broker’s time is saved by using ezidox ™. That’s a huge amount of time that can be better spent speaking to new clients and campaigning for more business.

With that kind of response from an industry leader, it’s easy to see why ezidox ™ makes so much sense for anyone with a broking business.

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