Enhance your business by removing paper and using digital technology

4 reasons why small business should remove paper and embrace digital technology and how this digital transformation will happen.

Small businesses are vital for the Australian economic system. They are growing every year producing over $330 billion of the nation’s annual economic output with around 4.5 million employees.

Moreover, they are partially free from the bureaucracy of big business and have good opportunities for entrepreneurism and innovation (consider that almost 300.000 small businesses have been started in the last years).

On the other hand, small and medium businesses, because of their structure, are often susceptible to inefficiencies that require a constant revaluation of hard costs.

What are hard costs? They are fixed costs such as land, inventory, equipment, office staff, paper and machine.

So, how to enhance your business and reduce hard costs?

There are multiple answers, but one of the most influential steps any business can do is through the adoption of technology in order to improve efficiency and productivity on a day to day basis. Living in the digital era requires adherence to innovative technology so as to stay relevant in a very competitive market.In order to be competitive and efficient small businesses have to embrace digital technology first of all by removing paper from their office.

If you are not completely convinced about the advantages of using digital technologies and removing paper from your business, let’s have a look at the four reasons why business owners should remove paper and embrace digital technology at work.

Each reason is associated with a different aspect: money, time, productivity and efficiency.

Embracing digital technology

The first evident advantage of removing paper in your business is lower costs. We often do not consider how much paper we use to implement the process and finalise contracts. If we stop to think in term of costs, each sheet of paper has a price and that price is multiplied for thousands of sheets per day, week and month which adds up to produce a significant amount of expense that can be completely cut thanks to digital technology.

The correct use of digital technology in your business granted also offers a faster workflow. Today it is possible to use a document management platform in order to exchange documents in a secure and fast way between the company and the customers. This makes the whole process quicker and allows you to save time and money to invest in new customers or new projects.

The third benefit of digital technology for small business is efficiency. This is the result of a better optimization of your time and a good management of your resources. Always keep in your mind that you are not the only beneficiary of this process, it is your customers who will provide the most important feedback.

The choice to step into the digital era is also a relevant investment for your employees that will be able to better manage their time at work. In fact, a digital organisation makes the company more professional, giving it the chance to excel among the competitors.

Removing paper to reduce the digital gap is the secret to enhance the value of your business; stop wasting time and money, enhance customer and employee experience, reduce operating costs and drive an immediate growth with new digital technology.

A perfect example to start with is through the support of the online document system, ezidox™ which can guarantee collection, exchange and storage of all the documents from clients and supplier.

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