Document collection by ezidox™: “Why does everybody win?”

When it comes to document collection from third parties, retrieving, managing, and storing has become a bit of a problem.

Document collection is one of the most frustrating problems for many small and medium business nowadays.

In fact, mortgage brokers require loads of documents to be collected from their customers, who, in turn, tend to get the short end of the stick.

For customers, it can be a hassle to have the responsibility of locating documents from various places, and then sending them to their broker. Often, these documents are sent in numerous emails, texts, and paper copies, creating further complications for the broker when it is time to track and lodge the documents.

ezidox™ was created to solve the major problems mortgage brokers and their customers are facing. It allows documents to be collected and stored in one clear, concise record, making it ezi for everyone involved.

For The Customer

For The Broker

But wait, there’s more!

While ezidox™ focuses on the customer and broker, it is also a win for the rest of the loan market. Everyone from the customer to the lender will benefit from using ezidox™. This innovative service reduces the time for managing, tracking, and storing documents while keeping all parties involved satisfied!

In the mortgage and loan market, it’s a win, win, win, win!

Thanks to ezidox™ everyone can see evident benefits:

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Remember it is all about improving the exchange process between your firm and its clients to make life easier.

Essentially ezidox™ sits between you as a collector and anyone acting as a sender. For example this could be: lender direct to customer, lender to broker, broker to customer, lender to aggregator, aggregator to broker or broker to customer.

You already have procedures for managing documents internally. That is why ezidox™ is changing the way in which they are handled and communicated to satisfy all involved.

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