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Nowhere is the evolving landscape of customer expectations and technology more evident than in financial services. In order to keep up with the changing needs of the customer, financial service organisations must be proactive in addressing their needs. However, one such aspect of the business which hasn’t evolved over recent times is document collection. Using outdated paper processes for collecting and processing requests isn’t only tedious and frustrating, it also results in organisations being laggards in a digital-first world. From independent brokers to the biggest financial service organisations, ezidox™ helps you and your customers automate the collection and processing of documents, saving significant time and money.

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Problems Faced by Organisations

Long list of documents rarely delivered in full

Timeframe, format and way sent chosen by Sender

Lost productivity in chasing and re-processing doc

Docements not secure and leave poor audit trail

Problems Faced by Customers

No visibility into the process or ability to track progress

Email attachments and paper copies not secure

Finding, scanning and sending all the documents required is frustrating

How ezidox™ Helps

For Organisations

  • Quickly specify and push out document requests to customers
  • Interact with customers through
    instant messaging at both transaction and document level
  • Regular updates on activities and missing documents
  • Full workflow management to accept/reject/name/file documents instantly

For Customers

  • Receives notification of what documents are required
  • Can upload files from mobile or computer, or scan documents using mobile phone camera
  • 24/7 visibility and transaction tracking with messaging and reminders
  • Auto prompts customer for missing documents

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ezidox™ helps you save time and money by automating the collection and processing of documents.
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