AMIS 2017: The Australia Mortgage Innovation Summit

Innovation occurs in many ways. In the case of ezidox™ , the idea for a technology-driven solution to make the job of a mortgage broker or direct lender more efficient and secure, and much easier for their customers, came from a discussion between two fathers at the school gates.

One father was a mortgage broker drowning in paperwork, the other a digital guru from tech firm Lakeba with a passion for solving industry problems. From this discussion ezidox™  was born and was quickly on its way to solving a major pain point in the Australian mortgage industry.

It was soon discovered that so many other transactions require supporting documents and as a result ezidox™ was awarded Best Innovation in Productivity in the prestigious Citi Mobile Challenge at the end of 2015. Now in our 2nd year of operation, ezidox™  is living up to its promise of making document collection easy and this has resulted in an invitation to participate in the Australian Mortgage Innovation Summit for 2017 as an official tech partner.

ezidox™ is Fintech partner at the Australian Mortgage Innovation Summit 2017

The Mortgage Innovation Summit will be held at the new Sydney International Convention Centre on February 23 and 24, with ezidox™ CEO Geoff Kendall on a panel in the afternoon of the 23rd to discuss the importance of the customer journey in the mortgage and loan industry.

Geoff will be joined by other industry experts including JP Morgan Executive Director Scott Manning, Head of Sales and Marketing for AMP Glenn Gibson, General Manager of Home Lending for NAB Meg Bonighton and Bernard Salt, KPMG Partner and Columnist for The Australian.

Other topics discussed at the event will be a National Outlook on Housing and Affordability, The Changing Nature of the Broker Relationship, the Risky Business of Regulation and Serving the Digital Savvy Customer.

Need of innovation

While mortgage broking and lending is increasingly going online with a lot of new offerings to consumers, there are still many brokers and direct lenders doing things “the old way” when it comes to administrative tasks like gathering client information. Time poor clients, particularly the younger borrowers, expect to doing everything online and with minimal fuss. Customers are also increasingly concerned about online identity theft and so want to ensure their confidential financial information is as secure as possible.

Many of the document collection, verification, management and storage processes that have been in place for years are more than overdue for an overhaul. By collaborating with technology companies, mortgage brokers and lenders are able to solve pain points for themselves and their customers.

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“The solutions aren’t necessarily complicated – it’s just a matter of applying technology to a problem in a creative way”, said Geoff Kendall. “A good digital answer to a problem will be cost effective, streamlined and an easy user experience for everyone involved.”

ezidox™ is one such innovation, providing an easy way for brokers and any other organisations to gather, process and store all the information they need from their clients. The web solution can be fully white labelled for company branding to ensure trust is built between the parties.

We are excited to be joining major sponsors Veda, Nomis, iSelect and Perpetual to back the Australian Mortgage Innovation Summit. As well as presenting our product and insights, we can’t wait to learn more about what is being done to improve this important industry for customers and businesses in 2017 and beyond.

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