Business Challenge

As the business owner of a Mortgage Choice operation, Jason Puxty covers a sprawling area from the regions of Orange, Dubbo, Mount Victoria past Burke, and Lightning Ridge all the way down to Granville. This is a large geographical area in which to run a mortgage business and meet face to face with customers. It also means a dispersed workforce with more time spent travelling on the road than in the office, and less time left to chase and archive vital documentation needed to process the hundreds of loan applications each month.

This task of managing all the documentation rested on the shoulders of a full time office administration staff member whose sole job consisted of eight hours a day spent indexing, naming, electronically coding and collating the documents customers provided for the purpose of securing their loans. The repetitive and limited range of tasks for this staff members also kept her from upskilling or having the time to learn new areas of the business.

Out of all the administrative support processes involved in preparing loans for customers, mortgage brokers agree that securing the supporting documents and managing the indexing of these is singularly the most difficult and time consuming task faced by the business.

At the heart of this, personal identification, income and asset documents are often located from disparate sources and lead to protracted loan approvals impacting on both the loan customer and the broker.

The solution

Jason felt the document management component of his brokering business was the most overlooked function in his business and after researching a number of solutions online he discovered ezidox™.

ezidox™, with its intuitive mobile functionality, offers a wholly automated document upload and indexing process, all through an easy to understand mobile app.

The benefit of ezidox™ is that it provides loan customers with the knowledge to understand exactly what documents are required, by when and in what format, together with the tools to help capture, deliver, process and archive them securely and efficiently, ready for use in the broker’s internal systems. No more wasted time scanning and emailing the documents, customers now have an easy way to capture, send their documents, with the app automatically indexing the documents with the right file name.

Multiple formats can be uploaded including text, image or pdf. Ezidox makes it easier for customers by guiding them through the entire process complete with friendly SMS reminders, encouraging them to complete their document uploads.


One of the immediate positive impacts Jason was able to measure as a result of the implementation of ezidox, was the impressive reduction in time his admin staff spent on document processing. Normally this task swallowed eight hours of their day, this was now only taking up two hours a day, leading to a 75% increase in overall productivity.

This has led to the staff members having increased time to focus on customer retention and pre submission work, resulting in him developing an expanded, and more career stimulating skills set, and an increase in his job satisfaction and remuneration.

Customers too have greatly benefited from the software implementation and have taken on new behaviours by responding quicker to document requests, as a result of the ease of document submission through the mobile application, leading to a greatly accelerated time line for the completion of loan applications and approvals.