Business Overview

As the owner and Founder of the Infinity Group, Graeme Holm’s business covers all of Sydney with a focus on South West Sydney, all the way north west to Bella Vista.
With such a wide canvas on which to grow the business and delivering double digit growth, no wonder that Graeme has fast become an award-winning broker. This year the business settled close to $180M in loans.
His clients come from far and wide, but they all agree it’s the nurturing and the care they’re given by Graeme and his team, that makes all the difference. Prominent in their positive feedback is Infinity’s award-winning Debt Reduction and ongoing budgetary platform. This innovation has scored the company a spot in the AFR’s Top 100 Most Innovative Companies and continues to drive the success of the company, and the wellbeing of their clients.

Business Challenge

As part of the Debt Reduction and Budgetary Platform Infinity offers, Infinity consultants help their customers to manage their debts and find new pathways for increasing their savings and building financial resilience.
Graeme notes, “We give every dollar a purpose for Mum and dad, we delve deeply into their living expenses. We are in many ways like a MyBudget on steroids. We work out what our customers need for living expenses and everything works off the mortgage. And as part of this process, customers have documents in different places they need to share with us. Streamlining these hundreds of documents and collating these, is where ezidox™ comes into its own.”

The solution

“Ezidox has been instrumental to our success and growth as a business. We first heard about it in our community of brokers, many of whom share best practice and the latest technology innovation to help each other. Ezidox was recommended by Bernard Desmond, another award-winning broker, who said the document collection and archiving software had radically changed his business and driven the growth of his company. Based on that recommendation, we had to try this for ourselves.
“Our business has since implemented Ezidox as recent as the last four months and the impact in terms of efficiency has been significant on multiple levels. It’s allowed us to monitor document activity and interact with clients live through the chat feature on the mobile app. This allows us to effectively take the task of document collection on the road through the intuitive mobile app interface and has completely changed the way we work. Previously we’d work with a client and advise them all the documents we required. It was a disjointed clunky process, and something I had struggled with for the 17 years I’ve been in business. Even with the major bank for I worked with for ten years, we did not have the platform or the efficiency that Ezidox brings to the table. It’s been a game changer.
Perhaps more telling, Infinity customers react very positively to the software. By being able to use the latest mobile app technology, our customers feel secure and encrypted. It demonstrates our professionalism and that we’re stuck in the manual world. Customers quickly gain the perception and hence the confidence, we’re on top of our game,”


ezidoxTM has measurably lifted efficiency. It has sped up what was previously a slow and cumbersome process both for the Infinity team of brokers and their customers. Where normally the process of collating, scanning and emailing documents, normally takes anywhere from three to five days, they can now complete the process within 24 to 48 hours.
The magic of the platform and the ease of consumers becoming so familiar with mobile apps, is that ezidoxTM allows the brokers to send customers alerts and reminders by text, making it much more accessible that having to get the customer to open an email program.
As a business the Infinity Group’s focus on customer experience, has delivered a number of major broker industry awards for best customer experience. Graeme and his team pin point ezidox™ as a major contributor to this satisfaction as customers in their feedback have noted how user friendly the ezidox™ platform is. Feedback from customers and their use of the ezidox™ platform has been exceptional.
Overall ezidox™ has allowed Infinity Group’s service levels to improve dramatically. Graeme and the team can now mitigate delay time in the interview to application process, and for the broker industry, this is vital for business productivity.

What is the customer support like for ezidox™?

“This is excellent, we haven’t had to lean on them at all, as everything is working so efficiently. We appreciate the software self-servicing – as it does everything it’s meant to. We haven’t had to rely on customer support because the platform has delivered and exceeded on all our expectations.
Finally, ezidox™ has been instrumental for the Infinity Group having been nominated in not one but three categories at the recent upcoming Australian mortgage awards. The group were finalist in five other categories this year. Graeme Holm is happy to report that ezidox™ has made more impact on his business than he ever thought possible and is looking forward to further growth of the business, and of course, winning more well-deserved awards.