Following hot on the heels of the FinTech Festival in Singapore, ezidox has signed up many new users at the FBAA conference in Gold Coast.

It’s a busy time for ezidox and our team!

After 3 solid days exhibiting at the massive Fintech Festival in Singapore, which had 30,000 visitors, the ezidox team was back in action at the FBAA conference at Seaworld on the Gold Coast.

Ezidox was also the proud sponsor of the “BDM of the Year” at the Awards of Supremacy during the Gala Dinner after the conference. Our congratulations to Sonia Partol of AMP for winning the award!

FBAA annual conference

The FBAA (Finance Brokers Association of Australia) National Industry Conference is the largest finance event in Australia with more than a thousand delegates from all over Australia. This year the slogan was “Go Beyond”, emphasizing the need for brokers, as important service providers, to push beyond the usual barriers and take their business to the next level to deliver a legendary service to their customers. It is this service factor that will keep the market share held by brokers growing beyond the current high of 55%.

Ezidox fits perfectly into this mission as it is focused on the customer experience whilst also solving big problems that have long been faced by brokers when collecting all the documents needed for a mortgage or loan.

“It was great seeing the reaction to ezidox at the FBAA conference yesterday” explained Geoff Kendall, ezidox CEO. “More and more brokers are hearing about the amazing results ezidox is getting with banks, brokers and aggregators. Time is a scarce resource, and every minute wasted cannot be recovered. Ezidox helps save 6-7 hours on every application, which is very significant.”