Which are the best shortcuts to your business success?

You don’t need a huge team to run a very professional operation

If you had additional funds to invest in your business, what would you spend it on first? Perhaps upgraded premises…or an expensive marketing campaign…or some extra help?

Many business owners would appreciate an extra pair of hands (or three or four) to take care of all those tedious tasks that are necessary but take up a lot of time and provide little direct return.

In a recent article in The Advisor, award winning broker Ross Le Quesne explains that his secret to success is getting people to do all the ‘pre work’ involved with running his business. He explained that “I have always had someone who looked after the loans from day one, from applications through to settlement, but [I needed] to get someone to help me in that pre-stage with the pre-work getting loan documents to clients, getting them back and checking that everything was there.”

Hiring a PA for three days a week made a big difference to his business, increasing his volume and providing a good return on investment. His advice to new brokers is to get help with what he described as the ‘front piece’ of the work with clients. Of course, the problem is that hiring a PA, or even an increasingly popular Virtual Assistant (VA), is not an immediate option for many brokers for a variety of reasons – not enough work to keep someone full time busy, sporadic workloads, not enough spare capital to hire staff, etc.

The good news is that there is a very affordable shortcut to help with some of the most time-consuming parts of a broker’s business.

The digital solution

For those who do not wish to commit the funds to an extra staff member, ezidox™ may well be the answer.

This very inexpensive solution makes sending out all of the loan documents and collecting all the supporting documents really easy, as most of it can be automated.

Clients can use it for free to quickly scan or attach the documents required for their loan application and be able to see where they are up to at any given moment without having to phone you for an update.

If it saves just one phone call then it will have paid for itself! From the other end, ezidox™ will process, rename and store all the documents securely, while automatically reminding everyone of any outstanding documents. The fully responsive platform has many of the benefits of a personal assistant, but without the additional costs, making the tedious process of gathering client documents the least of your worries.

The features of ezidox™ include:

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Industry approved

Since launch, ezidox™ has been incredibly well received by the mortgage and loan industry, with former MFAA CEO Siobhan Hayden saying “ezidox™ offers brokers an easy way to collaborate with their customers. It definitely offers great value to the mortgage market, and, excitedly, the functionality has applications in many other industries.”

Helpful for your customers

The benefits extend to your customers as well as your business. They are saved from having to bring in scores of paper documents to your office, and have a much better experience thanks to the convenience of an online platform supported by apps on their smartphone.

They will be able to provide what you need to help them in a much simpler, more secure way.

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Helpful for any business

ezidox™ is not just for brokers.
It is ideal for any organisation or department that needs to collect documents from clients or other 3rd parties to support any transaction. This includes insurance companies, financial planners, schools and educational institutions, accounting and legal firms, HR Managers, etc. Save money, save time and improve your customer experience with ezidox™. This simple document collection tool has the potential to revolutionise your business and set you on an even faster path to success. Visit www.ezidox.com

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