Award-Winning solution
for Document Collection,
and Storage

Brilliant Features


Responsive web for mobile and desktop. Cutting edge apps for Android and iOS.


The system can be integrated with your favourite CRM and tools.



Upload supporting documents online and safely store them in the cloud.





All the documents are indexed and easy to find. No more document loss.



Document checklist aligned with lender requirements. Document Indexing, TFN Removal.



One-Click solution to lodge the client documents to a lender of your choice

Our Solutions

Our base version of ezidox™ is customisable so that you can specify the names of documents you need to collect and group them any way that suits you so that you can easily manage the document flow.

This means it can be used for pretty much any situation that requires the collection of multiple documents from any source. Automatic reminders, full audit trail, progress meter and a whole bunch of other time-saving features are included as standard in ezidox™.


ezidox™ MORTGAGE

For Mortgage Lenders, Brokers and Aggregators

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ezidox™ PEOPLE

For Human resources and Student recruitment

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For Accounting firms, Law firms and other Professional services

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Save money

No charge for storing the documents for as long as you need them, subject to fair use

Protect valuable customer information

Emails and attachments are not secure. ezidox encrypts the documents and stores them in industrial strength cloud servers

Improve your productivity

Improve productivity by 30-50% (streamline your workflows, no more chasing documents, reminding clients, gathering emails, scanning documents, redacting TFN’s, grouping documents etc)

Improve customer experience

Makes it quick and easy for your customers to provide the information you need, so you can get on with processing the transaction. Happy customer = Good Business

Protect yourself

Full audit trail and secure storage to show the exact documents and exchanges of information should you ever be audited or questioned

Our Mission

Anyone who collects multiple documents from clients or suppliers knows how difficult it is. Some documents arrive as email attachments, some as paper documents and some just never seem to arrive.

Chasing documents is time consuming and frustrating for everyone involved.

Time is money, so stop wasting your time!

ezidox™ addresses these problems providing an easy mobile application accessible from your web also.

With just a few clicks you find all you need in the same place.





“When I first heard about ezidox in my role as CEO of the MFAA I knew it solved a major pain point across the industry, but particularly between brokers and their customers. Making the process of collecting supporting documents easier and faster with better security definitely helps everyone involved in the transaction, but most importantly ezidox offers brokers a collaborative engagement with customers. Ezidox definitely offers great value to the finance broker market and excitedly, the functionality has applications in other industries also.”

Siobhan Hayden
previous CEO of the MFAA


“HashChing gives borrowers access to better deals, better service and better outcomes in the mortgage market. Ezidox aligned well with our strategy of helping broker and consumers alike by making document collection really easy. The Ezidox team has been awesome to work with.”

Atul Narang


“I love ezidox, it’s awesome! Really easy to use and saves us hours and hours of document collection and processing time so we can focus on getting the actual business done for our customers.”

Grow Capital


“It was a simple process to build ezidox into our workflows and, to put it simply, ezidox just works. I don’t know why this problem was not solved before, but we are very glad we found ezidox!”

Angus Sedgwick
The CEO of The Invoice Market


“The Ezidox platform does everything a documents collection solution should do.”